In June 2016 a new Department of Defense policy was finalized that allowed transgender service members to serve openly.
After the ban was lifted, Staff Sgt. Ashleigh Buch, an instructor with the 338th Combat Training Squadron, became first airman at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska to transition under the new policy. 

Living With 107-year-old Princella Hartman

107-year-old Princella Hartman has lived through two world wars, 19 U.S. presidents, and resided in the same home since 1934. For the last seven years she has been cared for by her daughters Patricia Banks, 67, and Clara Cole, 88. Her life had a long lasting impact on the local community and was celebrated on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 during her funeral at Cedar Crest CME Church in Dallas.

Lauren's Light

Lauren Kavanaugh's 20 year journey is told by Lauren, her adoptive mother Sabrina and the caseworkers, psychologists, police officers, doctors involved in helping her transition from six years of abuse and its aftermath to a 20 year-old in college.

Omaha's World Champ

SWBO junior welterweight champion Terence "Bud" Crawford trains in Colorado Springs in preparation for his fight against Hank Lundy at Madison Square Garden on February 27, 2016 in New York City.


Ama Ka Tura-People of The Land

Some people believe they are dead or gone. Anthony Sul, a 22-year-old artist, is part of the Ohlone nation and identifies as Ama Ka Tura one of the “people of the land.” The tribe is indigenous to parts of California including San Francisco.
Over the years, the landscape of San Francisco has changed and Sul works to advocate for indigenous people, educate and carry on cultural traditions. He proves that the Ohlone exist and carries on a living breathing culture.

Ama Ka Tura: People of The Land from Sarah Hoffman on Vimeo.

West: Road to Recovery

Before the April 17th explosion, West was best known as a close-knit community of proud farmers and small-business owners who lived here for generations.
Since then, the town’s identity has become largely defined by tragedy after a fertilizer plant caught fire and exploded, killing 15, injuring more than 300 and causing $100 million in property damage. 
Six months later, there are both somber reminders of the disaster and signs of progress. 

Making My Daughter Stronger
Shelia Burnett of New Franklin, Mo. was diagnosed with stage IV Renal cell carcinoma in May of 2011. Burnett is preparing her family for her death.

She fears burdening her family with her emotion and wishes there were more resources for people living in rural areas.


Living on The Limits 
At the rap academy they call her the crazy one but at home she has to know her place.
18-year-old Berfin Teke faces adulthood which means a choice between hip hop or embracing Islam, her religion.